Stopping the Cycle of Burnout

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With today’s rapid pace of life, most of us experience some form of burnout. When we think of burnout we might think long working hours, but in reality burnout is more than that. It’s also the strain and emotional drain that comes from juggling multiple tasks, feeling frustrated or disempowered at work or in our personal lives, or being in activities and relationships that drain us.

Understanding what burnout is, and how it can impact us is the first, crucial step in breaking out of the cycle of burnout. The good news is there are tools and techniques out there that can help us address our burnout and move into a space of higher productivity, peace and calm.

In this evidence based workshop, join us as we explore scientific approaches to breaking out of the cycle of burnout and sustainining a lifestyle where you can keep burnout at bay.

Emily Rosenbaum our guest for the workshop brings over a decade of experience as a licensed psychotherapist based in California. Stop by to hear and learn from Emily, in a warm, supportive space and bring along your questions and your journal if you’d like to scribble in your notes.

See you there!


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About The Host

Emily Rosenbaum


I have over 12 years of counseling experience working with adolescents, adults, couples and families. I am passionate about therapy and have seen how much it can help people create and the lives that they have wanted. Transitions are my focus as those are the times when you can feel out of control. I am here to listen to and guide as you define what is most important. Creating connection with my clients is my foundation. From there we can work collaboratively using evidence based practices to help you reach your goals.


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