Understanding and Healing Childhood Trauma

About This Event

How can we identify our childhood traumas? And does identifying them just bring up negative emotions, or can it help aid in the healing process?

A lot of us think that trauma is something that happens to others. Yet childhood trauma is not all that uncommon. Whether having experienced it ourselves, or watched someone we love experience it, we know it is a complex combination of variables that might have occurred in and out of the home. The lasting effects of childhood trauma can range from physical health complications to emotional wellness and difficulty having and maintaining relationships as an adult.

In this workshop we’ll understand the intricacies of childhood trauma with Long Beach, California based licensed psychotherapist Vanessa Pezo (LCSW), a trauma specialist who can help us understand and identify what that childhood trauma is and how we can heal from it. Vanessa takes a strengths based approach to her work in that she believes that everything we need to heal is within us and believes that deeply understanding the roots of our pain is the key to healing it.

Join us in this workshop to dive deeper into how we can identify our childhood trauma(s), and how we can address the trauma in order to heal. How we can take care of that part of us that experienced the trauma, how we can come to terms with that trauma. We’ll discuss all this and more.

At the end of the workshop you’ll have a deeper understanding of how childhood trauma can impact us and the tools, techniques and approaches available to us in addressing and healing that trauma in ourselves.

Have questions, bring them along for Vanessa to answer.

Like each of our workshops, this is going to be a warm, welcoming safe space for shared learning and understanding. We can’t wait to see you there.


Online Event

About The Host

Vanessa Pezo


Hi. I’m Vanessa Pezo. A licensed trauma therapist based in Long Beach, CA. I love my city, and I love this field of work. I believe that one of the biggest factors in healing comes from having a safe, nurturing, and compassionate relationship with someone who can bear witness to your pain, and help you to relieve it. Our healing relationship is always my greatest priority. You will find that I am a warm and caring therapist who will act as a guide as we discover the path to your healing. We will walk this sacred path together. I view mental health through a trauma and social justice informed lens. I don’t believe in focusing on a cluster of symptoms as evidence that there is something wrong with you. I believe in looking at the root causes of your distress, and providing a warm and loving container where we can explore how those root experiences shape the distress or pain you feel today. At the roots we may find childhood trauma or other adverse experiences. We will also recognize the impact of some of the societal forces at play as well. Things like racism, sexism, homophobia, and other types of oppression also play a part in our suffering, and cannot be ignored. This is healing work. This is self-actualizing work. My perspective on mental health comes from my education and training. I hold a master’s degree in social work from Cal State Long Beach, and a bachelor’s degree in International Studies- Sociology from UC San Diego.


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