Her Words: Changing Habits to Manage Chronic Illness


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“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.”

When you are ready, you are ready, and likely when you aren’t ready, you just aren’t ready! 

For me, this thought was the catalyst of what prompted so much change in my life. I was simply ready but it also got me thinking, what makes people change? 

What motivates habits and can we ever really ever reform them? Or, is it just a myth that lives within an image of our best self, never to really be obtained. A mirage, a dream, a far-off view of yourself that will never be a reality.

My journey simply began with that, the readiness that turned into a pause, a moment of redirection, the first slice of momentum that drove the rest of my journey to where I am today and where I continue to go.

Years back, my health began to slip. From doctor to doctor, I went trying to get to the bottom of my mysterious symptoms (loss of hair, weight, strange neurological symptoms). With no answers and an intuitive nudge, I made my first change. 

I quit smoking cigarettes and drinking seemingly overnight, something I had done, on and off, for 10 years. I stopped because I knew something was off and I didn’t need a doctor to tell me something was up to know that these things, especially long-term and without moderation, are bad for my health.

So I stopped.

Later that year, I was in the hospital getting a major diagnosis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

Maybe it was my intuition that prompted this first change or maybe it was just me being ready to look at what wasn’t supporting me any longer.

After this, I began to trust myself a little bit more and I began to listen to that voice a little more… because it was right. I began to see that change was needed and when I saw that, I acted on it.

I did the inner work and began to build my confidence to know that I am worth sticking to the changes. I did a layer of outer work and began to feel slightly better, slightly more in my own skin, and slightly more connected to my body. On and on I proceeded, a layer here, a layer there. One day, it all began to add up.

All you have to do is start with one small change.

That one change begins to make you feel better, so you make another one and you get good there. You feel even better than before and you feel a little more motivated, so you make another change. You cut out sugar or start eating less gluten, you call a therapist, start taking an adaptogen and, before you know it, you look back and it’s already been a month, then a year, and things are different. You suddenly feel a little more alive in your body and you simply harness this energy, this feeling of wellness, to motivate the next change.

That is my theory. You don’t have to change everything overnight, you don’t have to quit cold turkey, you don’t have to change all at once. You can take it slow; learn, adapt and grow from that one thing, that one small change and then move to the next. 

For me, once I knew I was ready for more change, I dabbled with eating a paleo diet, then I learned how to bake with gluten-free flour. I learned about inflammation, gut health, mold toxicity, and yeast overgrowth.

On and on I went, making small changes, redirecting my habits, and overall making a huge difference in my body and my overall wellness. 

The important thing to remember is that when you start a new thing or make a new change, don’t ever think it’s going to be that one thing forever. Use that momentum of feeling better and let it catapult you into the next thing that you sense is good for you. Allow the changes to be fluid and flexible. Don’t stick with thinking that one thing is the magic bullet forever. Explore, listen, and pay attention to how you feel in your body.

Almost 7 years have passed and over that time so many positive changes have accumulated. 

I am a different person now, but it doesn’t seem drastic when I look back because it has been these small adjustments over time and with mindful ease instead of pressure. 

Changing habits can be so fluid and seamless that at first, you don’t realize it, it just becomes the new way that you live.

We are constantly becoming different versions of ourselves. It would be a disservice to not listen to our bodies and adapt to where we are right now and how we want the health of our future self to look. We can build habits for today instead of living with yesterday’s. 

“You are whole, you are healthy and you are always aware of what your body, mind and spirit needs in every moment.”


Superbloom Contributor
After a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis at 25 years old, Kerri embarked on a mission to heal herself. Undergoing 7 years of health research exploring how inflammation affects our body’s systems and personal development, Kerri has transformed her life from illness into wellness. Kerri incorporates her love of herbalism, the potency of plant medicine, and regenerative farming practices into her healing journey.
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