Ritual in Bloom: Rachel Liverman

Nikki Noorian

Superbloom Contributor
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Welcome to #RitualInBloom. A space where our community shares wellness rituals that help us connect with our bodies—because many of us here at Superbloom can’t “self-care” away our chronic conditions.

We chatted with Rachel Liverman, Founder & CEO of Glowbar, about her passions for skincare, living a holistic well life, and what she’s working on as Founder of Glowbar. Rachel candidly shares her wellness rituals, the skincare tips and tricks she’s learned from her mom and grandma, and the relationship she’s developed with her skin and self-confidence. 

Where do you live and how do you describe yourself to others—not just what you are doing but who you are working on “being”?

I live in the West Village, NYC and I describe myself as someone committed to personal growth with a positive outlook who gets really jazzed about building a company from the ground up! I get my energy from connecting with others and am a huge dog lover!

How do you connect to your body?

I connect to my body by honoring it and listening to it. As someone who has done the Hoffman Process, I check in with my body daily to see what it needs from me, and usually, that is to move and be active. Each morning I go for a long walk or run on the Westside highway to start the day off on a good foot and be outdoors. It really is my favorite part of the day (besides that first sip of coffee)! 

What’s your favorite mode of expression?

Laughter! And more laughter! There is nothing a belly laugh can’t fix! 

What are your wellness rituals? 

Long walk outside in the morning, writing in my 5-minute journal,  and cooking for myself as much as possible! 

We know that skincare runs in your family – you come from a line of estheticians! Is there anything, in particular, you learned from your mom or grandma to share with us?

To keep it simple! They both always believed in a 5-step skincare routine of cleanse, tone (when needed), treat (serums!), moisturize, and SPF. Funny enough, they used to add numbers 1-5 in a sharpie marker on the bottom of products for their clients so they remembered the order of their routine! At Glowbar, we have a sticker that reminds you 🙂 It all ties back to my Mom and grandmother! 

How has your relationship with your skin evolved over the years? Do you look to your skin as an indicator of confidence, health, or overall how you feel?

If you’ve ever heard the saying “you are what you eat” couldn’t be more true and your skin is the first to show that! When I eat unhealthy or processed foods I notice it almost immediately in my skin. I also use my skin as a temperature check to know if I’m truly hydrated or not. 

Has there been one ritual you discovered that has helped your skin feel better than ever? How did your own journey learning the needs of your skin lead you to launch Glowbar?

I started Glowbar because I didn’t take care of my skin before 30 even though I was a third-generation esthetician and came from a long line of skincare industry pioneers! Now that I have Glowbar I feel confident in my skin every single day and that is our mission for everyone who walks through our doors. I truly built Glowbar for myself and it’s been really fun to watch so many consumers gravitate towards our monthly membership and make it part of their skincare ritual every month!

What has your experience been navigating the balance between persobnal life and building Glowbar?

It’s a focus of mine every single day! It took me about two years of running the business to figure it out and for me, the trick is to get “me-time” out of the way first thing in the morning with a long walk, coffee, and some great music. Then, I know that if the day gets ahead of me I have already given myself some quality time. But, I will say that when you commit to launching a business, you also have to commit to making it a priority and so there are still some areas of my life out of balance like travel, oh I miss traveling! 

We’re often conditioned to think about our skin in terms of the confidence it brings us (or takes away); how have you learned to build confidence that not tied to appearance?

Oh, this is a great question and one I can’t say I’ve figured out fully. But, what I can say is having a focus on gratitude and positive affirmations can help us focus on what truly matters. Each morning, I fill out my Five Minute Journal to orient my brain to thinking about all of the positive things in my life which takes the focus away from a scarcity mentality – i.e. one that may include things like “ugh I don’t look how I’d like” or “my skin is breaking out I’m so embarrassed”. This ritual has brought me a lot of confidence that stems from my general health and the support system around me. I highly recommend it! 

What’s the wellness advice you would give to your younger self?

Put yourself first. Put yourself first. Put yourself first. I cannot stress enough how I wish I had known to put my health (both mental and physical), emotional needs, and self-care first before anything else. It would have saved me a lot of stress over the years!

Nikki Noorian

Superbloom Contributor
Nikki Noorian is passionate about making people feel their best inside and out through sharing stories. She loves exploring the beauty and wellness space to learn and share tips, tricks, and helpful routines. When not working, she can be found enjoying the peaceful buzz of her local cafe and spending Saturdays in the park with friends.
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