Superwomen in Wellness: Mayssa Chehata, Founder of BEHAVE

Emma Chozick

Superbloom Contributor
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Welcome to Superwomen in Wellness, where we sit down with inspiring female leaders paving the way in the wellness space.

We chatted with Mayssa Chehata, Founder of Behave. Mayssa dishes on the personal daily rituals she’s developed over the years (p.s. — waking up with the sun is one we’re going to try) and also how she’s created a brand that invites rebelling against the status quo.

Where are you currently based? 

I live in NYC!

Do you have any wellness rituals? What are they?

Some of my favorite rituals are burning candles and palo santo in the evening, taking long detox baths with epsom salts and a good book, and therapy.

How does your day typically begin?

I wake up to the sun (no blinds in my bedroom!), then typically start my day with a walk to the gym and workout. Then, I make a smoothie, write in my gratitude journal, and freehand journal before getting into the work day.

What are your current self-care routines and how do you nourish yourself? 

Taking my time through my skincare routine every morning and evening is one of my favorite self-care practices. I used to rush through this like it was a chore, but I have recently turned it into a ritual and a process I try to be present for and enjoy.

What’s your most sacred time of day? 

Weeknight evenings. I dim my lights, try to get off my phone, and turn inwards in order to wind down from the day and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

What’s your superpower?

I can sleep through anything.

What inspired you to launch BEHAVE?

I’ve always had a massive sweet tooth. As I grew older and tried taking on better habits across the board, candy and sweets were the one thing I couldn’t shake. And I didn’t want to, I love candy! I started looking into healthier alternatives and didn’t find anything, so that’s when I started exploring creating something.

What is the story behind the name BEHAVE and how does your mission translate to more than just a product?

The name BEHAVE is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, hence why the word is actually crossed out in our logo. Our brand ethos is all about having the freedom to do whatever you want – we rebel against the idea of “behaving”, whether that be with food or in any aspect of life. Eat the whole bag of candy!

How has building a consumer product changed the way you think about health and what we put in our body?

Going through the R&D process for our products has really opened my eyes to how big of an opportunity we have to clean up the products we make and put into our bodies. BEHAVE is a low-sugar product, but we also cut out all the artificial ingredients you typically find in candy. I definitely have a much closer look at ingredient labels now before I eat something.

What’s something special happening in your life right now that you’d be excited to share with our community?

I’ve become obsessed with the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. The Four Agreements, The Fifth Agreement, and The Master of Love are such incredible books that have helped me so much in life and that I hope everyone can read and connect with at some point, too.

Emma Chozick

Superbloom Contributor
Emma Chozick is excited by all things unconventional! She is inspired by brands that are built on a purpose and loves interviewing amazing women. You can find Emma hosting dinner parties which usually end in takeout, soaking up the Miami sun, and daydreaming about ’70s furniture and design.
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