Superwomen in Wellness: Tara Thomas, Chef + Founder of Breaking Bread

Emma Chozick

Superbloom Contributor
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Welcome to Superwomen in Wellness, where we sit down with inspiring female leaders paving the way in the wellness space.

We chatted with Tara Thomas, Chef, Consultant, Urban Farmer and founder of Breaking Bread. Tara gave us a look into her daily rituals that bring balance and routine to her otherwise unpredictable day-to-day. Her wellness rituals, passions, and career are driven by supporting the health and wellness of herself, her communities, and replenishing nature.


Where do you live and what’s your favorite mode of expression? 

I’m based in Brooklyn, NY. My mode of expression is through nourishment of food.

Do you have any wellness rituals? What are they?

My day to day life is always fluctuating so wellness rituals are integral to my balance and growth. If anything, I try to make my entire schedule a stream of rituals. From having an adaptogenic infused herbal latte, eating fruit, spending time in the sun, skincare routines throughout the day, and sharing food with my community!


How does your day typically begin?

I begin by focusing on my breathing and analyzing my goals for the day. Then, I will have an adaptogenic herbal latte, focus on my breathing, do a bit of movement, then I go in and do my morning skincare routine. From there, I let the day evolve.


What are your current self-care routines and how do you nourish yourself? 

My favorite self-care routines are having my adaptogenic herbal drinks and skincare throughout the day! I nourish myself through wellness rituals but if we want to get into food, I really just allow myself to create a nourishing meal with regional organic produce and pantry items that align with my morals.


You wear several hats: Chef, Consultant, and Creative. What inspired you to turn each of these personal passions into your professional career?

My mother always told me I can be whoever I need to be for myself so that definitely allowed me to evolve my potential since I was a child. I’ve always been very creative through innovation with the natural world; I want to build up marginalized communities. As a child, I would play in our garden and create meals from the elements — which of course were not completely edible. Today that has evolved into me being a chef, urban farmer, model and creative consultant in the food and wellness space. 


You’re an alchemist – how do these roles work together to create harmony in your own life and be part of a greater dialogue for change? 

Harmony is when a stream of different dimensions come together as one and create something extraterrestrial. As a child, I wanted my life to be a stream of explorations that added up to a greater purpose — to bring peace to the community. As a chef, consultant, model, urban farmer, and organizer these different paths come together through my creative vision giving me direction in the greater good.


Tell us more about your adoption of veganism in 2015 and how this shift impacted the course of your career as a chef as well as relationship to your body? 

Compassion is why I became a vegan. Identifying oppression beyond the human experience allowed me to really open my eyes to living my life in peace. It’s truly a standard beyond myself, to establish safety and security beyond my being so others may be in peace. In my skin I feel beautiful, I feel proud of nourishing myself with abundance and not suffering. I feel that my true journey into wellness began when I decided to truly nourish myself from the inside out. 


As a chef and advocate for communities facing oppression and food inequity, how do you think we can shift the narrative around food insecurity? 

Healthy food has been exploited resulting in high prices, redlining communities from access, and simply not giving our land the love and care that it needs. It starts from the ground up; the food that the majority of American’s eat lacks nutrients because the soil is not regenerated — it’s exhausted. It really comes from a place of greed. When we farm with regeneration, a sense of responsibility over the community is upheld which interacts with nourishment and community healing from a communal perspective. 


What’s your most sacred time of day? 

My evening shower, it’s candlelit and I know in that time I can truly wash away the weight of the day and pamper myself. 


What’s your superpower?

My superpower is to liberate people, freedom is a privilege and I will grant it to everyone with love and kindness.

What’s something special happening in your life right now that you’d be excited to share with our community?

Wow, so many things. In due time you can come visit one of the restaurants to dine as the pandemic is at bay. My mind has really been manifesting these projects to come to live as centers of nourishment, peace, and joy!






Emma Chozick

Superbloom Contributor
Emma Chozick is excited by all things unconventional! She is inspired by brands that are built on a purpose and loves interviewing amazing women. You can find Emma hosting dinner parties which usually end in takeout, soaking up the Miami sun, and daydreaming about ’70s furniture and design.
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